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Compressed air filters - always the right quality

Whether fine filters, ultra-fine filters or water separators - depending on the required purity class, several compressed air filters are often connected in series throughout the entire treatment chain. With our extensive compressed air filter program, you will find the right solution for every requirement on the quality of your compressed air.
CLEARPOINT  compressed air filters ensure the purity of your compressed air – safely and efficiently.

Which filters do I need depending on the class?
For liquid and solid separation for non-critical applications you need class 4.-.4, for this you combine water separator W and coarse filter C. For general separation of condensate and particles in front of dryers, valves, fittings and tools you need class 2.-.2 and combine a fine filter F in addition to the water separator and coarse filter. For reliable separation of condensate, oil aerosols and particles, for demanding applications with high requirements, you need class 1.-.2. and combine it with a fine filter S. For oil- and odour-free air of class 1.-.1, you also need activated carbon filters A/V, dust filters RS and, if contamination by microorganisms, bacteria, viruses must be removed, sterile filters SR.

What are the advantages of CLEARPOINT eco filter elements? Low operating costs, long service life, high process reliability and versatility are just some of the many advantages of our filters. The filter elements have been validated by an independent institute according to ISO 12500 - with excellent results in terms of efficiency and differential pressure.

CLEARPOINT® flanged and threaded filters up to 50 bar

Depending on the specification of the plant, the CLEARPOINT compressed air filters are available with a robust aluminum housing and threaded connection (from 35 to 3,120 m³/h at 7 bar) or, for larger capacity ranges, as a welded vessel with flanged connection (from 1,420 up to 34,680 m³/h at 7 bar). With only 3 filtration grades, all compressed air filtration requirements are met. Threaded filters are also available in 50 bar versions.


CLEARPOINT® HP high pressure filters 100 to 500 bar

CLEARPOINT HP high-pressure filters sustainably improve safety and performance with particularly robust housings and high temperature resistance of up to 120 °C. The housings, filter element caps and support cylinders of our high-pressure filters are made of stainless steel - for good reasons: This is how we prevent corrosion and ensure a very long service life, even with aggressive condensates.


CLEARPOINT® W water separator

By using the CLEARPOINT W water separator, for example directly downstream of the aftercoolers, maximum separation rates are achieved and the downstream filtration is relieved. 99% separation rate at very low differential pressure already from 30% of the maximum volume flow. Effective corrosion protection due to housing construction made of seawater-resistant aluminum (anodized and powder-coated on the outside)


CLEARPOINT® sterile and steam filters

Especially when compressed air comes into contact with food or pharmaceuticals, our CLEARPOINT sterile and steam filters are suitable for use. They are characterized by their high flow rate and the resulting minimal differential pressure.


CLEARPOINT® A/V filtration with activated carbon

Highly efficient adsorption with residual oil content below 0.003 mg/m³. Activated carbon filter with cartridge for smaller volume flows. Activated carbon adsorber for larger volume flows as a complete solution with oil-free dust filter.


When is the right time to replace air filters?

Reduce your operating costs by choosing the optimal time to replace filter elements. How do I recognize a clogged filter and which filter element do I need? Find answers to these questions on our filter replacement page!

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Applications including CLEARPOINT compressed air filters

Hohe Qualitätsmaßstäbe in der Kupplungsfertigung

High quality standards in coupling production

Single solutions seldom lead to satisfactory results when multifaceted requirements need to be met. That is why A. Friedr. Flender AG, one of the leading providers of mechanical and electrical power transmission equipment worldwide, relies on a coherent process chain concept. Compressed- air processing as an example, presents not only technical challenges but qualitative and environmental challenges which need to be mastered.

Oberflächenreinigung bei HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Blowing of high-performance electronics via pulsating rotary jets, and tracing of plastic housings with cleaning plasma jets: At the German automotive supplier Hella, compressed air takes over the central tasks in the surface cleaning of safety-relevant components. The most important requirement in this respect: the reliable, complete absence of oil.

Druckluftaufbereitung in der Zementproduktion

Compressed air treatment in cement production

Cement and water are like oil and fire – best kept far apart from each other. When it comes to cement production, this is not an easy task, especially where the plant is located right on the seashore in tropical Africa. Under such conditions, the preparation of compressed air becomes a real challenge. Cement producer Ghacem in Ghana knows this all too well.


Use case: Compressed air in the packaging industry

Stable pressure dew point for packaging machines. The customer is a large office online mail order company in Germany. Their portfolio includes classic office
materials, office furniture, tools, equipment for warehouses and even food.

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