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Condensate treatment simply redefined.


The first active oil-water separator

Safe Clean Modular

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Safe, clean & modular

As the first active oil-water separator, the QWIK-PURE opens up completely new possibilities.

Classical oil-water separators based on the principle of gravity separation can hardly be technically improved any more. For the development of the new generation, we paid special attention to the people who work with the product. What is important to them, what drives them, and how can we give them both maximum decision-making reliability and flexibility while integrating the requirements of modern industry?


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us with this product. We are concerned here with the sensible harmony between sustainability, user safety and product functionality.

Pascal Freis, Product Manager QWIK-PURE, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES

What's new?

New standards in condensate treatment

Active operation

Active operation

Unique process and functional reliability
Conventional oil-water separators work according to the gravity principle and the condensate seeps through the filter medium. With the QWIK-PURE the condensate is actively forced through the pre-filter and main filter with light blasts of compressed air. During this process, the cartridge is permanently filled with liquid. This means that nothing can dry out and form impermeable boundary layers. On the other hand, there are hardly any unpleasant cultures with which the operators or service personnel can come into contact.


Consistently hygienic
Thanks to the hermetically sealed design, neither users nor service personnel come into contact with the substances absorbed inside. Everything that has been retained in the pre-filter and main filter reliably remains here and does not contaminate people in the vicinity or the discharged treated condensate.

Fail-Safe Mode

For power and compressed air loss

The integrated FRC control reliably displays the current remaining capacity of the cartridges and automatically monitors when condensate needs to be forced through with light bursts of compressed air. If there are problems, measures are initiated independently, and an alarm is triggered. In this case, the QWIK-PURE® continues to operate like a conventional gravity separator.

One cartridge fits all QWIK-PURE models

All QWIK-PURE units use the same cartridges, so storage space can be used more efficiently. Only one size needs to be stocked in the appropriate quantities.

Ergonomically designed
When developing the cartridges, we primarily thought about the users: The inlet tube, for example, was designed as a handy and stable handle so that the cartridge can be transported and mounted comfortably. Thanks to the controlled drainage, even a fully saturated cartridge
weighs less than 25 kg.


Clean cartridge exchange
A closing valve is integrated in the base so that nothing drips onto the floor after the cartridge has been changed. The supplied blind plugs for the upper openings ensure that there is no spillage of liquids whatsoever.


Stay flexible

QWIK-PURE simply grows with you

Thanks to its modular design, the QWIK-PURE simply grows with the user - with just a few simple steps, it can be adapted to meet both higher and reduced requirements. This not only creates confidence when taking decisions, but also makes it very easy to create additional safety reserves or to adapt the service intervals to other service activities.

  • QWIK-PURE 10

  • QWIK-PURE 15

  • QWIK-PURE 30

  • QWIK-PURE 60

  • QWIK-PURE 90

Full flexibility

The upgrade kits for QWIK-PURE

Safer design

According to compressor capacity

Due to the unique active mode of operation of the QWIK-PURE, the compressor capacity and the climate map are sufficient to select the best possible oil-water separator. The compressor type and the compressor oil used are no longer used as a sizing factor.

Active separation means saving

Sustainable, efficient and user-friendly

Separating condensate and water incurs costs for compressed air and electricity. However, since the new QWIK-PURE system relies on just one cartridge for all models, less frequent service calls and lower storage costs can lead to a significant increase in efficiency. Eliminating the use of activated carbon here helps reduce CO2. The associated savings factors over many years result to an attractive Total Cost Ownership (TCO).


The focus is on operator safety Reliable protection of users from critical cultures and substances, but also ergonomic handling and ease of operation were particularly important to us during development, as they are elementary prerequisites for trouble-free operation over many years.

Conceivably simple

The handling of the QWIK-PURE simply explained

Capacity expansion

If the condensate treatment requirements change, the system can be modularly adapted.

Turbidity control

According to the DIBt approval, a manual optical turbidity check of the treated condensate must be carried out regularly. The sampling valve and the sample tube are easily accessible.

Convenient change

Inserting and changing cartridges is convenient and ergonomic due to the low base plate and the weight of max. 25 kg.

Easy navigation

The FRC is the basis for navigation and operation of the QWIK-PURE.

The latest generation oil-water separation systems

QWIK-PURE Function Video

Conventional oil-water separators work according to the gravity principle and the condensate seeps through the filter medium. With the QWIK-PURE® the condensate is actively forced through the pre-filter and main filter with light blasts of compressed air. During this process, the cartridge is permanently filled with liquid. This means that nothing can dry out and form impermeable boundary layers. Secondly, there are hardly any unpleasant cultures with which operators or service personnel can come into contact. This is controlled by the intelligent FRC control unit, which processes a wide range of indicators.

Product portfolio

The new oil-water separator product portfolio

As experts for the entire compressed air treatment with decades of experience, we at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES know our way around condensate technology in particular. We understand the interrelationships and interactions between the components, which enables us to provide you with optimum advice. In condensate treatment, we set standards 40 years ago with the first generations of ÖWAMAT oil-water separators. 

We are now doing this again with the first active oil-water separator QWIK-PURE. This range is extended by the static separators ÖWAMAT 10 and 11 as well as the expandable QWIK-PURE 10. 

Sizes at a glance

Technical data
Active functioning
Max. condensate flow
Max. operating pressure
Min./max. operating temperature
Relative humidity of the environment
Operating weight
Min./max. operating pressure
Purity class, compressed air
Operating voltage
Frequency range
12 l/h
+5 ... +50 °C
≤10 … 80 %, without condensation
50 kg
19 l/h
16 bar(ü)
+5 ... +50 °C
≤10 … 80 %, without condensation
55 kg
3 … 15 bar(ü)
90 … 264 VAC / 24 VDC
50 … 60 Hz
38 l/h
16 bar(ü)
+5 ... +50 °C
≤10 … 80 %, without condensation
100 kg
3 … 15 bar(ü)
90 … 264 VAC / 24 VDC
50 … 60 Hz
76 l/h
16 bar(ü)
+5 ... +50 °C
≤10 … 80 %, without condensation
180 kg
3 … 15 bar(ü)
90 … 264 VAC / 24 VDC
50 … 60 Hz
114 l/h
16 bar(ü)
+5 ... +50 °C
≤10 … 80 %, without condensation
250 kg
3 … 15 bar(ü)
90 … 264 VAC / 24 VDC
50 … 60 Hz


QWIK-PURE® The first active oil-water separator
4 MB
Manual QWIK-PURE 10
9 MB
Manual QWIK-PURE 15-90
27 MB
Everything you need to know about efficient oil-water separation

FAQ for QWIK-PURE oil-water separator

1. Mode of operation

What happens if there is more condensate than expected?
In such cases, maintenance intervals are somewhat shorter in order to maintain optimum functionality. Of course, this has its limits: If a large QWIK-PURE 90 is really required, a small QWIK-PURE 15 will not be able to cope if larger amounts of condensate suddenly occur.

Is the FRC really intelligent or just a "simple" meter?
The FRC is indeed intelligent and clearly more than just a simple meter. On one hand, it is used to track the time until the next maintenance is due (according to the specified maintenance intervals after one year). On the other hand, through various functions, it can determine the lifetime of the filter and indicate when service is due.
See also function video above.

How does the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator react in the event of a power failure?
In the so-called fail-safe mode, QWIK-PURE continues to operate like a conventional gravity separator. In this case, the increased water column between the condensate inlet and the cartridges ensures a significantly optimized separation of oil and water.
See also function video above.

What happens when the power supply is restored?
The QWIK-PURE stores all relevant values during the power failure. It resumes its function without interruption as soon as the power supply is restored, without loss of data or impairment of functionality. Only the discharges in fail-safe mode during the power failure are not taken into account.



2. Connectivity

What does the W-LAN symbol mean?
The WLAN symbol indicates that the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator is setting up a local WLAN network for service purposes. This WLAN can be used to display important parameters and information that are relevant for maintenance and service work on the device. Thus, the WLAN allows maintenance personnel to easily access relevant data to perform efficient and accurate maintenance.

What is transmitted via the interface?
All relevant data, such as the number of discharges or the remaining capacity still available, are provided via two different interfaces. Alarm indications and other important information, too. The user can read out this information via MODBUS RS485 or the WLAN interface. This way, you can also obtain a remote indication of whether maintenance will be required soon.

Can I also connect to a compressor control unit / building management system?
The standardized interface also allows higher-level controllers to be connected. However, due to the large number of different systems, is necessary to verify what is possible depending on each individual case.




3. Maintenance

What happens to the condensate that accumulates during maintenance?
During maintenance of the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator, the accumulated condensate is collected in the pressure relief chamber. After the cartridges are replaced, the condensate is directly treated.

Do I need to pre-water?
No, it is no longer necessary to pre-water the new cartridges. The QWIK-PURE oil-water separator and the new uniform cartridges work efficiently without pre-watering.
See also function video above.

What do I do with the used cartridges?
The used cartridges should be sealed with the supplied plugs and then disposed of according to the local regulations for oil-containing waste. A disposal key is provided in the operating instructions.


4. Sustainability

How much energy does the QWIK-PURE consume?
The energy consumption of the QWIK-PURE depends on various factors. In normal operation, i.e., during a discharge process, the device consumes only 3 to 7 liters of compressed air per discharge process. For the service process, the consumption is between 15 and 70 liters of compressed air.

As for the power consumption, it is so low that it is negligible and therefore not specifically stated. The power consumption is essentially limited to the supply of the LEDs, which are used to display important information. Overall, the QWIK-PURE is thus characterized by efficient energy use.

What materials are contained in the cartridge?
The cartridge of the QWIK-PURE is made of a polypropylene material optimized for condensate separation and does not contain activated carbon. The wall thickness of the cartridges is thin in cross-section, which means that only a small amount of plastic is used. In addition, we have avoided the use of mineral and textile materials as well as activated carbon, as these perform significantly poorer than the optimized polypropylene material in terms of disposal and carbon footprint.

We are proud that particularly the packaging is designed to be sustainable, with only about 10% of the material that is normally thrown away being plastic

What are the environmentally friendly features and benefits of the QWIK-PURE?
The QWIK-PURE is characterized by an extremely reliable and safe operating principle. As a result, the oil is reliably removed from the condensate and cannot enter the wastewater when used correctly. In addition, a significant reduction in visits for maintenance or in the event of potential malfunctions has been achieved. With its efficient design and use of a polypropylene material optimized for condensate separation in the cartridges, the QWIK-PURE minimizes potential failures or problems. This means fewer service calls and associated visits, which is not only cost effective, but also has an additional positive impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

By the way, we are really proud of the fact that we have succeeded in developing a very robust and yet almost completely plastic-free and space-saving packaging on Euro pallets and have thus been able to further reduce the usual waste, especially during maintenance.

Why is recycled plastic not used?
Currently, we do not yet use recycled plastic in the cartridges of the QWIK-PURE. There are several reasons for this. First, recycled plastic is significantly more expensive than conventional plastic. This would lead to higher production costs and have a negative impact on the purchase price of the product.

Another crucial factor is ensuring the quality and reliability of the product. Cartridges made of recycled plastic could possibly have irregularities such as inclusions or other defects. These could lead to leaks or malfunctions. Since the functionality and safety of the QWIK-PURE are our highest priority, recycled plastic is not used to ensure that the cartridges are reliable and leak-proof.

However, the QWIK-PURE continues to use sustainable materials such as our optimized polypropylene material to reduce the amount of plastic and make a positive contribution to the environment. This careful material selection makes the QWIK-PURE environmentally friendly without compromising on quality and performance

Why are cartridges not reused?
The decision not to reuse the cartridges of the QWIK-PURE is based on the safety and protection of people and the environment. The cartridges contain contaminated components that are safely bound in the cartridge. Sealing and single-use of the cartridges ensures that there is no possibility of people coming into contact with the contaminated substances during the maintenance process or after emptying.

Reusing cartridges could result in a risk of releasing harmful substances, especially if reconditioning is not carried out correctly. Leaks may also occur. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision not to open and refill cartridges to ensure the safety of our customers and maintenance technicians.

The use of disposable cartridges also ensures that the disposal process can be carried out easily and in a controlled manner, minimizing potential hazards to the environment and human health.


5. Disposal

How are used cartridges disposed of?
Used cartridges of the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator must be disposed of as oil-containing waste. Disposal should be carried out in accordance with local regulations and laws for oil-containing waste. To do this, close the used cartridges with the plugs provided to prevent condensate or oil from escaping and then dispose of them in accordance with the regulations for oil-containing waste. Further disposal instructions and the disposal key are provided in the operating instructions.

Doesn't it create a lot more waste?
No, the use of the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator does not result in an increased amount of waste. In fact, the amount of plastic used in the cartridges remains unchanged compared to previous versions.

By reducing the amount of plastic in the packaging, fewer resources are cused, and less plastic waste is generated. This contributes to an improved environmental balance of the product.

Due to the innovative mode of operation, the cartridges are completely filled and thus the entire capacity is utilized. This ensures that the cartridges are used to their full capacity, and a longer service life is achieved.

What happens to free oils?
With the QWIK-PURE oil-water separator, free oils are reliably bound in the cartridge. This eliminates the need for separate drainage and disposal. This means that the accumulated oil is securely retained in the cartridge and does not escape into the environment. The cartridges are designed to effectively retain and hold the oil, allowing controlled disposal.


Experience QWIK-PURE

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