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Process Air

When compressed air is directly integrated as the process medium in certain methods this is referred to as so-called process air. As far as the context of manufacturing processes are concerned, it therefore comes in direct contact with products and must have a corresponding high quality and purity criteria. The guidelines of the respective industries, the quality classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 as well as the recommendations of the German VDMA hereby provide information about the quality class which must be fulfilled.

The pharmaceutical industry also implements process air to e.g. manufacture and package tablets. Depending on the production stages, the compressed air must be dry, germ-free and sometimes even sterile.It is also particularly important in the food industry to utilise caution with regard to oil and sterility in the process air, which means that an additional sterile filter must be utilised in the event of a direct contact with the product. Compressed air will be utilised, for example, to spray or blow-off foodstuffs or for transporting foodstuff.

Compressed air can therefore be utilised as high-quality process air in the context of surface treatments: When painting - one of the most energy-intensive and expensive processes in the context of automotive manufacturing - it is essential that prevention of so-called paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS) is guaranteed. 


Application reports


Quality standards in coupling production

Absolutely oil-free and dry compressed air is needed by Flender in Mussum. Particularly in complex coupling production, the air must meet all the requirements of every application of process air to barrier air.


With compressed air to effective sealing foam

Polyurethane foams (or PUR foams) have become indispensable in today's industry. They are used, for example, when sealing car door locks, headlights or fuse boxes. The engineering and mechanical engineering company CeraCon is a specialist in sealing technology.


Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

For the implementation of sensitive components, the surface cleaning at the company HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. is particularly important. The compressed air is purificated by BEKOKAT and used as process air to blow away dirt and dust.


Compressed air in direct food contact with MEGGLE

Powdered lactose is pumped through pipes at Meggle AG using compressed air. The utilized conveying air has to be absolutely dry and oil-free in order to prevent clumping. This is guaranteed by EVERDRY adsorption dryers and activated carbon adsorbers from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.


Oil and germ free for medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, oil and germ-free compressed air is particularly important. Nycomed relies on CLEARPOINT compressed air filters and BEKOKAT. Process air is used to clean packaging and control valves with control air.

umria filler

Optimising the compressed air system

Optimising “quality, health, environment and energy consumption” has always been Umbria Filler's guiding principle and, in recent years, they have implemented several measures for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production.