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Plant Optimising and Air Audit

Exact measuring values are indispensable for your modern manufacturing technology, they are the relevant parameters for determining the efficiency of your compressed air system. Because only what one can measure, can then also be managed.

There is an enormous optimisation potential in almost every compressed air station. We can make this visible for you with our measurements. Our measurement results form the basis for this optimisation measures, in order to prevent unwanted fluctuations in the compressed air process.  

An optimisation means enormous savings in addition to the technical safety for the owner or operator and makes itself immediately obvious in the operative results. For example, leakage rates of 30% or higher are not unusual. Professional leak detection on site quickly pays for itself.

Your Advantages

  • Determining the required and actual compressed air quality
  • Highlight the optimisation potential
  • Reduction of energy consumption and compressed air consumption
  • Comprehensive documentation for measured values
  • Measuring, evaluation and exchanging consumable materials

Total Air Audit

Our service provides a total air audit, which in addition to direct compressed air-relevant parameters also considers energy efficiency. The total air audit comprises the air audit standard basic module and a module for measuring the energy consumption.  

The air audit standard basic module, which is also bookable separately, will measure the following compressed air-relevant parameters:

  • Volume flow measuring
  • Pressure dew point measuring
  • Particle measuring
  • Measuring compressed air residual oil content in vapour form, up to 16 bar [g]
  • Compressed air oil aerosol/vapour concentration
  • Pressure measuring

The total air audit will also additionally put energy consumption under the magnifying glass with the following measurements:

  • Measuring power uptake/energy consumption
  • Leak detection

The measured values gained with the total air audit will enable you to fulfil the demands arising from the quality assurance guidelines for your production and/or industry. The data can be additionally utilised for optimising the compressed air station and its efficiency.

Analysis Service

Wear analysis for adsorption agents and activated carbon

Regular wear analysis for of consumable materials such as adsorbent materials or activated carbon, retain the long-term performance of your compressed air station. The desiccant in the adsorption dryers as well as the activated carbon in activated carbon adsorbers in the compressed air processing are subject to wear and tear. It is only a question of time before they can no longer perform their work.

In order to qualify this wear and, if necessary, to initiate a timely exchange, we provide wear analysis for of adsorbent and activated carbon.

Compressed air condensate analysis

Compressed air condensate can be dispersed or also emulsify. In order to be able to identify the condensate integral elements and determine the correct processing technology, we will be pleased to analyse your compressed air condensate in our laboratory. Only correct processing and treatment can prevent legal and environmentally damaging consequences.