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Modern production technology requires compressed air. Depending on the application, the requirements range from dry and oil-free to absolutely sterile. We provide the suitable processing technology for every compressed air quality. We are the only supplier on the market to offer you the entire range of components for compressed air treatment. We only produce and process products that meet our high quality standards. We coordinate them so perfectly that they produce a certain extra of efficiency in combination!

Condensate technology

Condensate accumulates throughout the entire compressed air processing chain and has a major impact on the quality and cost-effectiveness of the compressed air. The environmentally friendly and professional compressed air processing with QWIK-PURE or BEKOSPLIT follows on from the safe and efficient condensate discharge via the electronically level-regulated BEKOMAT.

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Compressed air filtration

The energy costs of a compressed air system are considerably influenced by the pressure drop caused during compressed air filtration. In order to retain the required operating pressure, this pressure drop must be compensated by a correspondingly higher compressor performance. The consequence: increased energy requirement, premature compressor wear and therefore higher costs. The best solution: CLEARPOINT compressed air filter from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

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Compressed air drying

Compressed air containing humidity causes corrosion on compressed air tools. This is especially important where contact with end products exists as moisture-induced contamination and loss of quality are a high risk in the entire production process. DRYPOINT and EVERDRY compressed air dryers enable you to safeguard your operation process in an economical manner.

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Oil-free compressed air

Treatment of compressed air in its safest form: CLEARPOINT V activated-carbon adsorber and the BEKOKAT catalytic converter. We offer tailor-made solutions by means of which contamination in the production process through intake air containing mineral oil or polluted with bacteria is avoided. In this case, oil-free compressed air means reliably clean, and in the event of treatment with BEKOKAT it even means germ-free – ideal for processes which are demanding in terms of hygiene with requirements in accordance with ISO 8573-1 for compressed air class 1 to 0.

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Compressed air measuring technology

The quality of compressed air is mainly impaired by contamination with particles (size and density), residual water (DTP) and residual oil (aerosols and vapors of hydrocarbons). These factors then have a direct affect on the end products and therefore also for the safety for the consumer. The METPOINT measuring technology instruments provide you with the tools for monitoring and evaluation within the framework of your quality and energy management.

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Compressed air process technology

Quality and economic efficiency play an important role in other areas of process technology, too. Shorter cycle times can be achieved with compressed air cooling by BEKOBLIZZ LC, while our CLEARPOINT H is used where a stable compressed air temperature above room temperature is important.

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