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Reduce operating costs through the optimum timing for changing filter elements

Although filters do not consume any direct energy, the steadily increasing flow resistance generates an energy loss that must be compensated by a compressor. To do this, the compressor must generate a higher operating pressure. The consequences: higher power consumption, increased demand for primary energy (such as coal or gas), environmental pollution due to CO2 emissions during power generation and the warming of the atmosphere.

Electricity costs for commercial enterprises have risen very significantly in recent years. This has shortened the economic useful life of compressed air filters. 

With the filtration of particles from the compressed air, the cavity volume in the filter element is reduced more and more, as a result the differential pressure between inlet and outlet of the filter increases continuously. To compensate for this difference, the compressor has to generate a higher pressure: To do this, it requires additional electrical energy and causes higher operating costs. The filter element should therefore be replaced at the latest when the additional energy costs (or operating costs) exceed the acquisition costs of a new element.

And by the way, new filter elements also ensure that the required compressed air quality is reliably maintained.



Which filter element is required?

Coarse, fine or ultra-fine filter? Which element and which size you need for your filter can be found in the type designation on your CLEARPOINT 3eco filter housing.

In which time frame?

Filter elements should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Please make sure to use only original parts and change the filters at the prescribed service intervals - the stickers enclosed with the filter will help you do this.

Differential pressure gauge

Differential pressure gauges can be used as an indicator of filter element clogging, but do not indicate when a filter element needs to be replaced.

The easy and quick change

The following video shows how easy it is to change the filter with CLEARPOINT filters - foolproof! 

Compressed air filtration

The energy costs of a compressed air system are considerably influenced by the pressure drop caused during compressed air filtration. In order to retain the required operating pressure, this pressure drop must be compensated by a correspondingly higher compressor performance. The consequence: increased energy requirement, premature compressor wear and therefore higher costs. The best solution: CLEARPOINT compressed air filter from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

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