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For complex tasks

Heat regenerating adsorption dryers

Standardized plant concepts with a wide range of variable options

As a heat-regenerating adsorption dryer for compressed air, the EVERDRY series offers standardized system concepts with a wide range of variable options. Thus, the complex tasks of compressed air drying of large volume flows are solved particularly economically. Customer-specific requirements are met with individual solutions. The concept of a drying plant is not determined by the available technology, but by the solution-oriented, optimal technology. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops and manages overall project concepts tailored to customer requirements.

Some facts at a glance:

  • For volume flows from 600 - 100,000 m³/h, on request for even larger volume flows

  • Also for demanding installation conditions in tropical areas, corrosive environments or well-insulated cold regions

  • Optionally trimmed for maximum energy efficiency with EVERDRY eco

  • Technology diversity adapted to customer needs

  • Energy-efficient concepts possible through waste heat utilization

Adsorption by blower and compressor air

Designs in comparison

The broadly based repertoire of proven concepts is the basis for customer-specific designs. This saves development costs and time when adapting to special requirements.

Desorption by blower air dryer


Desorption by means of heated blower air is the basic principle of the EVERDRY FR basic concepts.

The systems combine proven process engineering with state-of-the-art plant and control technology. Three standardized, yet variable basic concepts are available. These are universally applicable and have proven themselves in all climate zones. Control and pneumatic cabinets are located on the front of all models to facilitate easy operation, control and maintenance. With 23 models, capacity levels from 580 to 20,000 m³/h are covered; higher volume flow rates can be realized on request.

Desorption by heat of the compressor


The EVERDRY HOC systems use the existing compression heat of the oil-free compressed air for desorption.

This is the best form of compressed air drying in terms of energy consumption. Depending on the final compression temperature (between 100°C and 200°C), pressure dew points between -5°C and -40°C can be achieved without additional energy requirements. Compared to conventional adsorption dryers, the complete process sequence (adsorption, desorption and cooling) takes place under operating pressure. In addition to the energy benefits, this also has enormous advantages in terms of the service life of the functional elements: There are no pressure change loads for valves, pressure vessels, piping, and desiccants.

Your advantages at a glance

Energy efficiency

The combination of high-quality insulation, heat recovery, and the use of a high-performance adsorbent and energy monitoring allows their system to be designed for optimal energy efficiency.

A positive side effect is that the higher efficiency means that the plant can be built smaller than conventional plants. In addition to the space saving advantages, this also means less steel construction and a direct contribution to environmental protection and lower investment costs.

Ease of maintenance
EVERDRY Compressed Air Dryer Production
  • Digital solutions enable remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, for example, through safety features such as end position and measurement data monitoring
  • Easy to maintain structure and components
  • Exclusive use of low-maintenance and durable components
  • Traceability of service activities via control system
  • Maintenance package (registration of damper actuations / "flexible maintenance")
Sm@rt Server

Fast remote access through networking via Sm@rt server

For remote access or for the evaluation of production data. Every on-site operation involves travel time and therefore rarely adds value. To keep these costs as low as possible, the secure Sm@rt server offers you the option of remote maintenance and remote control.

The solution described is also ideally suited for extensive installations or for efficient support during commissioning.

The following outputs and inputs are also available:

  • Profinet interface for Modbus TCP or S7 communication (only for controller S7-1200)
  • Remote ON/OFF via potential-free contact or bus
  • Analog output for dew point signal
  • 3 free analog inputs (2x pre-programmed, 1x free to assign)
  • 1x potential-free alarm contact (collective fault signal)
  • 1x potential-free contact for operating message
  • Optional: Profibus module, Modbus RTU RS485 as well as additional potential-free contacts
  • Reliable process control
  • Safe function monitoring through sensor technology
  • Remote monitoring and preventive maintenance, for example, through safety features such as end position and measurement data monitoring
  • Monitoring of the operating pressure by analog transducers
  • Alarm value for inlet temperature adjustable
  • Monitoring of regeneration temperatures (heating/cooling) by transducers
  • Volume flow measurement at outlet "ready to connect" (alarm value for volume flow adjustable)
  • Calculation and color visualization of dryer utilization
Intuitive operation

The intuitive and thus fast operability is one of the great advantages of our controls. Thus, in addition to the appealing appearance, you can also expect numerous assistance services. In addition to contact information for service cases, you will be supported by these services:

  • Graphical evaluations of the plant condition as well as energy efficiency
  • A system diagnostics tool including a preparation of all last made changes
  • Clear structure for quick change to the desired page
Flexibles Design
EVERDRY Steam Module

Flexible design of the regeneration

Depending on your circumstances, any heat sources such as hot water or steam from the operating network can be used for regeneration. This technology can significantly reduce operating costs by lowering the additional energy requirements of your EVERDRY dryer.

Highly efficient adsorption


Adsorbents are the heart of adsorption dryers. Thanks to decades of experience and long-standing supplier relationships, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES always has the right selection for you on offer.


By using a special desiccant, the required desorption temperature can be significantly reduced. This reduces energy consumption by more than 15%. This desiccant is manufactured exclusively by BASF in Germany and marketed under the name Sorbead ®. The corresponding desiccant filling is available from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES under the Sorbead® eco option.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Higher inlet temperature possible: full adsorption capacity even at inlet temperatures above 43°C
  • Up to 20% lower desorption temperature compared to conventional desiccants ensures 15% less energy consumption
  • Higher adsorption capacity: lower desiccant quantities, extended cycle times, thus reduced wear and tear
  • Longer desiccant life extends replacement intervals

Discover more benefits of adsorption drying with Sorbead® from BASF here!

Tailor-made engineering

Adapted to your requirements

EVERDRY adsorption dryers are a prime example of tailor-made engineering "Made in Germany". The dryers are tailored to your on-site conditions - with a focus on efficiency and optimum drying performance. Due to a high degree of standardization and customizing, we can guarantee a short delivery time.

Combination with refrigeration dryer
EVERDRY Compressed Air Dryer

The EVERDRY COMBITROC CT is ideal for use in almost all climate zones. Desorption takes place in counterflow to the adsorption direction with heated blower air, cooling by means of blower air. Local operating conditions and economic parameters ultimately determine the individual customer-specific project solutions. Higher volume flows can also be realized on request.

The features of the EVERDRY COMBITROC CT at a glance:

  • Conditioning unit for adjustable summer or winter operation
  • Complete concept incl. piping, fittings, pre-filter and after-filter
  • Adsorption dryer with redundancy function means: Applicable even if the refrigeration dryer is not available
Pre-cooling unit
EVERDRY Precooler
  • Efficient cooling water flow and high heat transfer surface with simultaneously low differential pressures on the water and air sides
  • Flow-optimized individual valves to minimize pressure loss
  • Energy-efficient dewpoint control
  • Utilization of the heat of compression
  • No loss of compressed air for regeneration
High pressure drying
EVERDRY FRA-V Compressed Air Dryer

For pressures up to 50bar

Higher pressures require great care in terms of safety. So our high pressure dryers have some more redundant safety features like:

  • Advanced sensor technology for pressure and quality monitoring
  • High-quality special components for the high pressure range
  • Additional check valves prevent unintentional pressurization of the components as well as the blower
  • Additional relief valves ensure safe pressure relief in the event of unwanted system conditions.
EVERDRY Compressed Air Dryer

Drying for oil-free applications

In combination with a two-stage pre-filtration by means of a CLEARPOINT V activated carbon adsorber and a dust filter, this system guarantees you oil-free compressed air at the highest level. The attached METPOINT OCV compact continuously monitors the residual oil content of your compressed air.

Plant status
Shiny Package

Immediately detect plant condition

A bright, multicolored LED indicator is mounted on the control cabinet. This makes it possible to see directly, even from a greater distance, whether the system is running in normal operation or whether an alarm condition has occurred. The white indication of the lamp corresponds to the normal operating state.

Service and retrofits

We are also happy to offer you comprehensive service for your systems. For example, you will receive a detailed maintenance plan including the appropriate maintenance kits with each of our systems. Upon request, we will also be happy to inform you about:

  • Our smart solutions such as the possibility of remote monitoring and plant optimization
  • How you can realize lower operating costs with the right desiccant
  • What benefits a control upgrade can have for your safety
  • Retrofitting in the event of a change in conditions at the site
  • Maintenance kits for wear parts on the dryer

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EVERDRY applications in practice

EVERDRY applications in practice

An overview of the versatile applications of EVERDRY adsorption dryers in practice

EVERDRY and SORBEAD - the perfect match

Customized compressed air preparation under challenging local conditions. The operator specializes in coffee refining, among other things. How BASF's Sorbead Air adsorbent and the "eco" variant of the EVERDRY FRA 6000 adsorption dryer made the project a complete success.


EVERDRY dryer at Meggle AG

At Meggle AG, powdered lactose is moved through pipelines with compressed air. The conveying air must be absolutely dry and oil-free so that the lactose does not clump. This is guaranteed by EVERDRY adsorption dryers and activated carbon adsorbers from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.


EVERDRY in use for syrup production

The food industry wants safe products. An important influencing factor is the quality of the compressed air, which is used at many points in the production process.

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