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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES presents new active oil-water separator

Neuss, April 17, 2023 - Oil-water separators are an important part of condensate treatment. Compressed air technology manufacturer BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has now developed the QWIK-PURE active system for this purpose. Its novel operating principle makes the device significantly more reliable and hygienic than conventional systems. In addition, users have great handling advantages and they can easily adapt the modular system to their needs.

QWIK-PURE is an active oil-water separation system and, unlike static systems, uses electrical energy and compressed air for its operation. The oily condensate is forced through the filters with light, automatically triggered blasts of compressed air. The cartridges are constantly completely filled with condensate, which prevents the formation of dry boundary layers and organic cultures even during longer breaks in operation. The active process also allows the volume of the cartridges to be fully utilized and makes service calls more predictable. A fail safe mode switches the unit to conventional gravity separation in the event of a power failure.

Network capability ensures security

The intelligent control system displays the remaining capacity of the cartridges as well as status information, for example, on service due dates. The operating status and any alarm notifications can also be called up permanently via Modbus, which allows the IIOT-capable system to be integrated into higher-level monitoring and control systems. Users can monitor, store and evaluate the QWIK-PURE's data from anywhere. This is how the oil-water separator offers maximum process and functional reliability

Convenient and clean cartridge replacement

When the filters of a cartridge are saturated, the condensate still contained is pressed through the filter material by means of compressed air at the push of a button. The subsequent cartridge change is carried out ergonomically and without tools. For this purpose, the cartridge loaded with compressed air condensate is separated from the system and lifted out with a simple rotary movement. Unlike conventional oil-water separators, employees and the working environment cannot come into contact with the contaminated contents during this process. The new cartridge is inserted and connected to the system. The cartridge fits uniformly on all QWIK-PURE oil-water separators.

Modular design for flexibility

QWIK-PURE consists of a base unit and a variable number of filter cartridges. If the condensate volume changes, the system can be adapted to the new requirements in a flash by adding or removing base plates as well as cartridges. The unit is available in five models to cover compressor capacities between 10m³/min and 90m³/min. The one-size-fits-all cartridges simplify procurement and stocking.

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