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Customizing and Private Design

According to your wishes, we can adapt the appearance and design of our products exactly to your needs and applications - no matter whether RAL painting according to your specifications, special design shells, your logo or the entire branding. We can also make adjustments to the target performance, compressed air connections, electrical connections and special equipment. If desired, we can also take care of the documentation and adapt it to your CI specifications.

Adapted to your needs Our OEM team will work directly with you to understand your requirements and develop the best possible solution for your needs. In addition, our regional sales managers can coordinate with your local facilities, communicate more quickly with application engineers, and our production team is "responsive" and able to provide quick solutions.

Our know-how for the best individual solution  Typically, a project will include several phases in which air treatment is required. More than one type of product is required to achieve optimal results from production to the point of use. Our engineering and project team has a wide variety of products for treatment, condensate technology and measurement technology, providing you with a single source of supply with ideal product integration. In addition, our expertise covers all types of dryers, and as a manufacturer of desiccant, membrane and refrigeration dryers, you can rest assured that we will deliver the most suitable choice for your project.

OEM solutions using the example of our membranes

We would now like to show you, using the example of our membranes, how individual our OEM solutions can look and where they are all used. We can design and produce the solution for you just as tailor-made:

Membranes are often preferred in compressed air drying because their initial pressure dew point can be adjusted very easily and can cover a wide range of dew point suppression. In addition, membranes are usually 2 to 10 times smaller, have no moving parts, do not require electricity and can operate at flow rates of less than 15 l/min. Whatever your requirements, we are sure we have a solution for your application.

Membrane air drying and humidification offers several clear advantages, not only on the user side. Our technology can be translated into solutions that are as simple or as complex as your application requires. This flexibility represents a cost saving potential on both the design and application side compared to "out of the box" products, reducing input costs and improving performance, resulting in a better marketability of your product.

Your advantages (using the example of a membrane)

  • lower operating costs, because the membranes are maintenance-free
  • compact and only one order number, because Nanofilter is integrated in the membrane housing
  • Operational reliability due to fast availability of dry compressed air
  • low installation effort because no electrical connection is necessary
  • Manufacturing competence: Engineering and production at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES
  • secured after-sales with customer-specific labeling and assemblies
  • Dryer on demand with a wide range of options
  • no resources required for documentation, your manuals are created by us

Assembly production

You have a compressed air application that meets several requirements and can be easily integrated into your system. But you cannot find a suitable product? Then plug and play is required and an assembly production is perhaps the solution. You save time and effort for the comparison and selection of different suppliers and, on top of that, free yourself from the coordination effort and additional work such as parts list maintenance.

Example FDR-unit

The FDR unit is a compact combination of filter (filtration), dryer (drying) and pressure regulator. It is an optimal solution for terminal applications. The FDR unit is delivered fully pre-assembled and only needs to be connected to the compressed air line. The pressure regulator ensures a constant pressure of 4 - 10 bar at the end point.

Private Design

According to your wishes, we can adapt the appearance and design of our products exactly to your needs and applications. RAL painting according to your specifications, design shells, logo and branding. Adjustments to target performance, compressed air connections, electrical connections and special equipment are also possible. We also take care of the documentation and adapt it to your CI specifications.

Some of many applications

Optical measurement
Climate test chambers
Test gas
and more...

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