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Fusion of tried-and-trusted condensate discharge & digitisation

Digitized process reliability

Our tried-and-trusted BEKOMAT condensate drains have been well known for decades for the operational reliability, durability and simple installation as well as their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. We are now going a step further and enhancing the previous functionality with the advantages and benefits of the digital world. The new BEKOMAT i4.0 product range meets the expectations placed on IIoT-capable systems: Networkability, remote monitoring, flexibility and, above all, progressiveness.

Important information e.g. about the current status or time remaining until the next service can thus be transmitted conveniently to a central control centre. This increases process reliability and maintenance can be planned more individually.


High degree of innovation

The network-capable BEKOMAT i4.0 offers more than just rudimentary monitoring. Now you can receive precise data in real time via a standardised interface for accurate evaluations or e.g. alarm messages. This is your way to a progressive networked production.

Big Data and preventive maintenance

With data transmission directly to the control room or to the customer's own monitoring system, critical operating states can be detected more quickly and the correct response can be made. Thanks to this transparency you increase your efficiency and ensure fail-safe operation.

  • Improved data flow
  • Immediate access to important status data
  • Maintenance of a reliable compressed air system

Predictive maintenance

Icon Maintenance

Prompt response

Advanced communication with improved data flow offers visualised real-time monitoring of device status. Data can be accessed at any time for timely response to faults and to maintain a reliable compressed air system.

  • Operating hours counter
    necessary for time-to-service calculation

  • Counter for switching cycles
    necessary for time-to-service calculation

  • Remaining service time
    displays the time until the next maintenance based on time

  • Remaining switching cycles
    displays the next maintenance on the basis of counting valve actuation. Counts down from 100% to 0%

Fault analysis
Monitoring Symbol

Real-time monitoring

The real-time monitoring of the system status makes a prompt response to faults and thus the maintenance of a reliable compressed air system possible. Thanks to the early warning and alarm signals, operations can now be better planned and resources can be deployed in a more targeted manner.

  • Various fault signals (fault flags)
    various flags indicate the fault states, e.g. hardware is defective or an alarm has been triggered

  • Voltage supply to the electronics
    Service can check for under-/overvoltage

  • CPU temperature
    Service can check for temperature being too low or too high.

Operational reliability

Status monitoring

Real-time information about the status of the device improves your operational reliability.

  • Status ERROR LED
    For process visualisation and logging
  • Status TEST button and TEST input
    For process visualisation and logging
  • Status POWER LED
    For process visualisation and logging

Networking with minimal installation effort

BEKOMAT i4.0 condensate drains are connected individually or in series using the stable Daisy Chain topology which has proven itself in networks. This reduces installation effort to a minimum and makes it possible to expand the system at a later date without any problems. A four-core standard cable is used for both voltage supply and data transmission via ModBus RS485 interfaces to a central control unit in control rooms, from compressors or dryers.

Progressive communication

The new BEKOMAT i4.0 condensate drains require just one cable for voltage supply and simultaneous data transmission. The RS485 interface makes integration in networks possible.
These can be used to transmit status data of the condensate drains BEKOMAT i4.0 to suitable compressors, filters and dryers as well as to central control rooms.

Reliable planning with transparent costs

Thanks to the real-time visualisation of the performance and functional data of all condensate drains connected, simple and intelligent condensate management becomes possible. Thus status messages make important conclusions about the overall system possible, for example. Early warning and alarm signals permit service measures to be initiated in good time before failures occur. Thus optimum resource planning is possible.

  • Real-time information about device condition
  • Early warning and alarm signals for early planning and a timely response
  • Daily, weekly or monthly analyses
  • Monitoring with maximum planning and cost transparency
  • Wrong decisions are reduced

Now, you not only save because BEKOMAT works without loss of compressed air. Unnecessary service and downtime can also be avoided

What if?


What if the condensate drain could communicate directly with the other systems in your compressed air system? Here we show you some scenarios how this can become reality with the new BEKOMAT i4.0. It reports back all the characteristic values required for this and is therefore not only a very good condensate drain, but also your additional source of information and genuine condensate monitor. Furthermore, it helps to organise customer service quickly and efficiently.

BEKOMAT i 4.0 communicates with...
Central control room

What if the condensate drain not only drains the condensate from certain components, but also transmits the status data and activities to the control room in real time?

Then it can report back, for example, how often it has drained in a certain period of time and thus serve the control room as an additional source of information with important findings about the condition of the entire compressed air treatment system.

Defined alarm values can be stored in the control room, from where (in conjunction with other devices/sensors) certain clear warnings with instructions are issued or direct measures are initiated. If the time-to-service display of the BEKOMAT i4.0 is integrated, the next service can be planned conveniently from the control room.

All messages reported by the BEKOMAT i4.0 and other devices can also be documented electronically. This helps, for example, in the event of a fault or claims, to analyse much more precisely when and where a problem occurred and how it can be avoided in the future. Definitions for warning messages can be set via a separate master data management.


What if the condensate drain not only reliably drains condensate, but also automatically notifies the service colleagues when maintenance is due?

This would allow Maintenance to initiate targeted service measures and, for example, have several components serviced together on the same day. Or if the condensate drain signals before a fault occurs? Through predictive maintenance, timely detection and elimination of possible faults, errors and impending failures can prevent damage before they occur.

And what if the maintenance engineer did not have the time or the possibility to regularly check the entire compressed air lines and condensate drains on site, but could simply check in his control room whether the system components report fault-free operation? Condition monitoring, i.e. the regular recording and visualisation of machine and plant conditions, can minimise the time required, and the time saved could be used for more productive work, which in turn saves costs.

Through intelligent spare parts & maintenance management based on maintenance time and stored availabilities, orders can be triggered in good time.

Data logger

What if the condensate drain could not only discharge condensate, but also send the data to a central data logger?

In this way, the data from all condensate drains can be visualised in one place and the feedback, e.g. how often each individual drain has discharged in a certain time, can serve as additional important information about the condition of the entire compressed air treatment. 

The discharge frequency allows simple conclusions to be drawn about the humidity contained in the compressed air, depending on the components from which the condensate is drained. Together with the connected measurement technology, the system status can thus be controlled and monitored, and error messages and maintenance instructions can be displayed centrally.

The model connected can be identified directly at the data logger on the basis of the master data supplied for the BEKOMAT i4.0 and the necessary service parts can be ordered in good time. The time-to-service display of the BEKOMAT i4.0 allows the next service to be identified directly via the data logger and scheduled in good time.

Which BEKOMAT i4.0 is right for you?

Here you can find the various BEKOMAT i4.0 models listed from left to right according to increasing compressor performance.

For further information and technical data, simply click "Technical Data".



max. compressor performance: 5 m³/min



max. compressor performance: 6.5 m³/min



max. compressor performance: 10 m³/min



max. compressor performance: 30 m³/min



max. compressor performance: 130 m³/min



max. compressor performance: 1400 m³/min


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