BEKO TECHNOLOGIES with modern e-learning course

The Neuss-based compressed air company develops solutions and concepts for the appropriate processing and monitoring of compressed air in a wide variety of industrial processes. Via the company's own Education Center, the company passes on its expert knowledge from more than 35 years of compressed air treatment. "Our experience has shown that many companies in different industries are not aware of the central role compressed air plays in high-quality and energy-efficient production. In order to fill this gap, we offer interested parties advanced training in the form of e-learning courses and face-to-face training," says Bernd Losberg, Head of the Education Center at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH.

Interactive learning concept conveys the complexity of compressed air technology

In the e-learning course, the learning content is vividly presented in eight modules - starting with compressed air generation in the compressor, through treatment by filtration and drying to the topic of condensate treatment and energy efficiency - using numerous examples. The new version can be used on any device and in all common browsers. "Through individually assignable learning sections and interactive know-how checks at the end of each module, we now convey our compressed air knowledge in an even more structured way," says Bernd Losberg. "The approximately 8-hour course explains the physical basics and general functions of compressed air generation and treatment. It thus forms the basis for understanding the complexity of compressed air technology. The acquired knowledge also ensures increased process reliability and resource efficiency in production areas where compressed air is used."

At, interested parties can take part in the free e-learning course.