BEKOKAT: The Next Generation. For constantly oil-free compressed air

Neuss, June 10, 2020 - Many industrial sectors require compressed air of the highest quality for sensitive applications. The BEKOKAT system has set standards for oil-free and germ-free compressed air. Now the manufacturer BEKO TECHNOLOGIES presents the next generation of the proven catalysis technology. The BEKOKAT is even more intelligent and digitally networkable thanks to a new control system. Furthermore, the performance has been further optimised and the system design has been given a fresher look.

Intelligent control and optimized design

The new generation BEKOKAT has an intelligent programmable logic controller with plain text display and Modbus protocol. All data can be sent to a control room or a data logger, which offers users transparent processes and thus the possibility to optimise their compressed air station. In terms of the Smart Factory, important information such as operating hours, reactor and heating temperatures or maintenance intervals can be called up at any time.

The design of the BEKOKAT has also been further developed. By optimising the individual components as well as the air flow, the pressure losses could be minimised. In addition, the pressure vessels have been redesigned so that the catalyst bed is flowed against more evenly. The integrated heat recovery, the short heating-up time as well as the economical no-load operation and low maintenance requirements keep the operating costs low.

A practical feature is that all types of systems without pallets can now be transported with pallet trucks. The BEKOKAT units also got a facelift. The renewed system fronts ensure that all models now look the same on the outside and appear as if they were all cast from one mould.

Maintain compressed air class 1 permanently

In highly sensitive applications, for example in the food, pharmaceutical, automotive or electronics industries, conventional compressed air treatment in relation to oil vapour reaches its limits. The catalytic converter BEKOKAT, on the other hand, enables constant oil- and germ-free compressed air according to ISO 8573-1, class 1 or better. The TÜV-certified device from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES completely converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water by total oxidation. Users receive oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of hardly measurable 0.003 milligrams per cubic meter. The condensate produced is also oil-free and can be discharged into the sewerage system.

The performance of the BEKOKAT remains unaffected by ambient temperature, inlet temperature, air humidity and oil inlet concentration. The catalyst technology is also fully effective in partial load operation of up to 20 percent. The granulate used has a service life of more than 20,000 hours and is therefore considerably more economical than conventional activated carbon fillings. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers the BEKOKAT in six plant types for a volume flow of up to 20 cubic metres per minute. Even existing compressor stations can be easily retrofitted. Depending on the requirements, the installation is carried out centrally in a compressed air treatment plant, in partial lines or also in direct proximity to the compressed air consumer.

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