New offer: eLearning on food safety and compressed air

Contactless further training in Corona times: BEKO TECHNOLOGIES now offers an eLearning course for the food industry. Food safety and compressed air is the important topic of the online training. The learners are interactively taught the importance of compressed air treatment for food production in an easily understandable way. They gain an understanding of the process chain with the individual procedures and the associated risks for the end product. The eLearning is free of charge. "For more food safety, we are happy to pass on our compressed air know-how to the food industry", says Thorsten Lenertat, Global Account Manager at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES and leading expert in the development of the eLearning.

Effective structure with individual learning modules

Participants in eLearning benefit from an effective structure of individually classifiable modules with clearly formulated learning goals. As an introduction, a video explains the influence of compressed air on the production, processing and safety of food. Using the example of ice cream production, it describes what manufacturers should pay attention to in order to avoid contamination. This starts with the direct and indirect contact of compressed air with the food and extends to safe transport. It then goes on to consider compressed air in risk analysis and management systems. Further learning modules deal with the compressed air quality classes and specifications of the manufacturers. The eLearning is rounded off by a practical checklist and a quiz to test the freshly acquired knowledge. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES confirms the successful participation with a final certificate.

The new eLearning on food safety and compressed air is particularly aimed at production and quality managers as well as auditors in the food sector and can be used on any end device and any standard browser. The total learning time is two to three hours.

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