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DRYPOINT® M eco control - the electronically regulated membrane dryer

The DRYPOINT M eco control is the first example of successful development of an electronically regulated drying system in which a fixed pressure dew point between + 10 °C and - 26 °C or a constant distance between the compressed-air temperature and the outlet pressure dew point can be adjusted. This degree of drying is always retained even under changing operating conditions. Energy is only consumed when actual dryer performance must be provided.
Both operating modes influence how the dryer has to behave with fluctuating operating conditions (pressure, temperature, usable air volume):

Constant Mode:
Adjusting and setting constant outlet pressure dew point.

Dynamic Mode:
Stable difference between compressed-air temperature and outlet pressure dew point.

The suitable operating mode for every application

When a fixed pressure dew point is required, then the DRYPOINT M eco control closes the gap between the refrigeration and adsorption dryers. Depending on your application requirements, you can select between two operating modes: "Constant Mode" when stable pressure dew points are required and "Dynamic Mode" when a safe difference to the compressed-air temperature is crucial.

The operating mode or the application-specific degree of drying can be selected quickly and easily via the user-friendly interface. The set mode and state are clearly indicated by LEDs. The interface for data transfer creates a clear performance evaluation and presenting the performance - for example in conjunction with the METPOINT BDL data logger.

“Constant Mode” operating mode

The DRYPOINT M eco control operating in “Constant Mode” retains the set outlet pressure dew point as stable between +10 and -26 °C even with changing operating conditions. You can therefore rely on the fact that the required drying value will be provided at all times.

“Dynamic Mode” operating mode

The pressure dew point will be reduced relative to the compressed air temperature by a specified difference between 10 and 55 Kelvin in “Dynamic Mode”. If the inlet temperature changes, the pressure dew point will automatically follow suit. This provides complete safety to ensure that the correct degree of drying is always retained even with changing compressed air temperatures.

Function of DRYPOINT® M eco control

On the basis of the measured values by the sensor, the control software decides in cycles if and for how long the complete purge air volume has to be provided to achieve and stabilise the required degree of drying. This process is implemented via a targeted timed sequence of a solenoid valve. The period of the two process sections described below therefore varies in each cycle to keep the degree of drying within the specified tolerance range.

On our YouTube channel you will find more videos about our company, compressed air preparation and measuring technology.

Advantages of DRYPOINT® M eco control

  • Patented system based on tried and tested components
  • Maintenance free 
  • Constant high compressed air dryness with fluctuating operating conditions
  • Individual settings for degree of drying

  • "Fail-Safe” function: compressed air will be dried reliably even with a power failure
  • Customary, simple operation
  • Potential free contact

  • Energy consumption only when dryer performance is provided
  • Ideal for interrupted compressed air requirements
  • Suitable for the terminal as well as for partial flow treatment

Network capable
  • Performance evaluation and presenting performance via analogue interface for data transfer (e.g. with METPOINT® UD01)

Technical data of DRYPOINT® M eco control

Minimum/Maximum Operating overpressure 4 ... 12,5 bar
Minimum/Maximum Ambient temperature +2 ... +50 °C
Integrated nanofilter* 0,01 μm / 0,005 mg/m³
Pressure loss 0,1 - 0,3 bar, abhängig von der Druckluftdurchflussmenge
PDP outlet settings +10 / +7 / +5 / +3 / 0 / -5 / -10 / -15 / -20 / -26 °C
PDP difference settings 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 K (Kelvin)

* refer to downloads for additional performance data: Product Folder...

Downloads DRYPOINT® M eco control

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DRYPOINT M eco control
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