The efficient concept for compressed air filtration

Compressed air must be freed of aerosols, oil and particles before it enters your application. The contamination resulting from the ambient air and compressor operation can damage your plant or system and soil the product. CLEARPOINT compressed air filters ensure the purity of your compressed air – safely and efficiently.

80 % of the life-cycle costs for a compressed air plant result from operating costs. The energy costs for the compressor are also a considerable factor. A pressure drop in the system must be compensated for by higher compressor performance in order to maintain the operating pressure. The consequence: increased energy requirement and earlier compressor wear. An appropriate compressed air filtration creates increased energy saving potential in this area.

Optimised, efficient, validated: CLEARPOINT® compressed air filter up to 50 bar

Lower operating costs, longer service lives, higher process reliability and versatile usability - just a few of the many advantages of our CLEARPOINT filter. Depending on the specification of the system, the particularly robust housing is available in a thread or flange version. Irrespective of whether aerosols or solid particles, dust, steam and odours or water: the CLEARPOINT 3eco filter elements can be optimised by utilising materials and methods so that they safely remove all materials and substances from the compressed air. This therefore means that all quality classes can be achieved and you always have the required compressed air quality available for the respective application.


CLEARPOINT® high pressure filter

100 - 500 bar

CLEARPOINT high-pressure filters improve safety and performance capabilities sustainably. The construction, with the robust stainless steel housing and the high temperature resistance, is especially designed for the special challenges in high-pressure systems.


Highest water separator rates: with CLEARPOINT® W

The formation of condensate in compressed air systems is unavoidable - but the cost-causing consequences are unfortunately not: achieve maximum separation rates at minimum cost with the CLEARPOINT W water separator in applications on after coolers and refrigeration dryers.


CLEARPOINT® sterile and steam filters

Particularly when compressed air comes in contact with food or pharmaceuticals, our CLEARPOINT sterile and steam filters are perfectly suited for the application. They are characterised by their high flow volume rate and the thereby resulting minimum pressure difference.


CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filters of the CLEARPOINT A/V series are recommended for small volume flow rates. They impress with a minimum residual oil content of only 0.003 mg / m³ and with the low pressure difference with extremely low energy costs.  


CLEARPOINT® H compressed air heater

Our CLEARPOINT is the perfect solution for applications including frozen pipework or high relative humidity. The desired temperature can be selected between +30 and + 60°C.


Applications with CLEARPOINT filters

High quality standards in coupling production

Single solutions seldom lead to satisfactory results when multifaceted requirements need to be met. That is why A. Friedr. Flender AG, one of the leading providers of mechanical and electrical power transmission equipment worldwide, relies on a coherent process chain concept. Compressed- air processing as an example, presents not only technical challenges but qualitative and environmental challenges which need to be mastered.

Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

Blowing of high-performance electronics via pulsating rotary jets, and tracing of plastic housings with cleaning plasma jets: At the German automotive supplier Hella, compressed air takes over the central tasks in the surface cleaning of safety-relevant components. The most important requirement in this respect: the reliable, complete absence of oil.

Druckluftaufbereitung in der Zementproduktion
Compressed air treatment in cement production

Cement and water are like oil and fire – best kept far apart from each other. When it comes to cement production, this is not an easy task, especially where the plant is located right on the seashore in tropical Africa. Under such conditions, the preparation of compressed air becomes a real challenge. Cement producer Ghacem in Ghana knows this all too well.

Oil and germ free for medicine

For the production of medicaments, the strictest hygienic standards apply to the production conditions. This of course also applies to the required compressed air. It must be absolutely free from oil in order not to contaminate the sensitive products. In its factory in Singen, Germany, drug manufacturer Nycomed relies on a comprehensive system solution provided by BEKO to treat the process air in a reliably oil-free manner.