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CLEARPOINT® high pressure filter, 100 to 500 bar

The higher the pressure is, the higher the requirements are for compressed air filtration. With a very robust housing and high temperature resistance of up to 120°C, CLEARPOINT high pressure filters provide a variety of technical and economical advantages for reliable separation of solid contaminants, aerosols, oil vapours and odours.
Piston compressors cause pulsations in the compressed air flow based on their system designs. The resulting vibrations can cause conventional filter housings to leak. CLEARPOINT filter housings have a special locking system and therefore remain leak proof.  

Quality in every detail

The housing, filter element caps and support cylinders of our high-pressure filters are made of stainless steel - for good reasons: This design enables us to prevent corrosion and guarantee exceptionally long service life, even with aggressive condensates. CLEARPOINT high pressure filters are available for the pressure stages 100, 350 and 500 bar, optionally with manual drain off and differential pressure manometer. The perfect solution for every requirement.  

The CLEARPOINT high pressure filters for 100 to 500 bar are available in different degrees of filtration:


Filtering degree Particle size
Coarse Filter C 25 μm
Coarse Filter G 5 μm
Fine Filter F 1 μm
Superfine Filter S 0,01 μm
Activated carbon filter Oil vapour, odours

Advantages of CLEARPOINT® high pressure filters

No corrosion, no impairment of filter performance, no "seizing" of the threads

All metallic components are made of stainless steel as standard

Determination of economic element change

Standard (as of S045) with connection for differential manometer

Element change even in confined spaces

Element connection is either executed with screw thread (up to S040) or with plug-in connection (as of S045)

Additional protection against loosening of the housing screw connection by pulsating volume flow

Lateral clamping screw prevents leaks

Consistent documentation for traceability

Approval certificate according to DIN EN 10204. Embossed serial number on housing

Housing O-ring radial sealing

Advantage: no destruction of the O-ring when exchanging elements (danger when with utilising axial O-ring seals). Supports setting behaviour of the gasket. No leaks

Technical data CLEARPOINT® HP

Volume flow 40 – 4420 m³/h
Maximum operating pressure 100, 350, 500 bar [ü]
Housing stainless steel 1.4301
Permissible operating temperature: Generally max. + 120 °C
  (HP350S075 und HP350M010 max. + 60 °C)
  Design with differential manometer maximum + 80 °C

* refer to downloads for additional performance data: Product Folder


Competence in Filtration
Product Range
16 MB
CLEARPOINT HP 100-500 bar
399 KB
Manual CLEARPOINT HP 100 / HP 350 / HP 500
3 MB

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