Compressed Air Applications

Compressed air is used in almost all industries for various applications. Irrespective of whether as a control air for the coordination of plants and systems as conveying air for transporting bulk goods or as process air for filling packaging, just to name a few areas of application.

The many fields of application for compressed air demand accurate knowledge of the processes. We can advise you in these cases, coordinate your compressed air system to your individual requirements and thereby support you when monitoring the efficiency and operational safety of your compressed air supply.

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Areas of application

Conveying Air

The manufacturing processes of various industries include a requirement for loading and unloading raw materials, conveying intermediate and end products between machines and plants or systems.


Control Air

Compressed air as control air plays a major role in commercial production and cannot, to date, be disregarded. There are numerous pneumatic applications and every one of them must be controlled.


Process air

When compressed air is directly integrated as the process medium in certain methods this is referred to as so-called process air.


Sterile Air

Sterile compressed air can be utilised both in the process as well as a conveying and control air. Its designation comes from the characteristic that the compressed air utilised must be sterile.


Respiratory Air

Compressed air can - in addition to its numerous areas of application in production processes for varying industries - be utilised as respiratory air.


References – Applications

Compressed air treatment in cement production

Ghacem is producing cement in Ghana since 1967 and uses purificated and dried compressed air for the manufacturing process generated by DRYPOINT RA. As conveying air for the required raw materials and as control air for pumps and control systems of the machines.

Air processing in the food industry

Approximately 150 tonnes of powdered raw materials for milk replacers must be transported daily from the tanker trucks in silos to Nukamel. As a transport medium low compressed air is utilized as conveying air. If it contains too much moisture, the clumping threatens.


Pfizer in Freiburg uses compressed air as process and breathing air. The compressed air comes into direct product contact and is used to supply air to employees in specialized areas for breathing. Constant monitoring is particularly important to Pfizer here.

Grafting for lime production

The company H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG transports limestone powder by conveying air in their factory through pipelines. The air is dried by an EVERDRY adsorption dryer by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES and prevents clumping in the pipe.