Datalogging hero

Visualisation and data logging for all relevant influencing variables

Our data loggers have been specially tailor-made for the demands and requirements of compressed air and compressed gas technologies. They function as stand-alone solutions, can be integrated in existing systems and can be retrofitted or modular-based extended at any time. This makes them perfect for your plant or system!  

Everything at a glance: METPOINT® BDL and BDL compact

The METPOINT BDL and BDL compact are centralised signal processing units. They therefore represent, for all example, all the relevant variables in compressed air. The integrated data logger presents process data as clear, unambiguous statistics and graphics. You can therefore execute the complete monitoring process with just one device.


Perfect when mobile: METPOINT® BDL portable

Our data logger is also available as a mobile METPOINT BDL portable hand-held device for simple, mobile measurement data recording and evaluating compressed air quality directly on site.