Control Air

Compressed air as control air plays a major role in commercial production and cannot be disregarded. There are numerous pneumatic applications and every one of them must be controlled.  

When compressed air is utilised to control cylinders, actuators or valves, then one refers to it as control air. Control air is mainly utilised because high working speeds are achieved, as well as enabling precise and exact controlling. Pneumatic control systems are also insensitive to environmental influences and can be utilised safely in potentially explosive areas. Control air can be utilised for simple compressed air tools as well as for robots with pneumatic components. In addition, it will also be utilised for the new generation of robots, the so-called Cobots (Collaborative robots).

The demands on the quality of the control air are not particularly high, since these do not usually have any direct contact with the product. This does not however mean that the compressed air does not have to be treated or processed. If the compressed air has insufficient quality, then it can accelerate the wear.  

In certain cases the quality requirements can also be higher - e.g. in a clean room or when the process specifies it. Consultation and individual design for compressed air processing and treatment is therefore important here, we will be very pleased to support you with this.


Application Reports

With compressed air to effective sealing foam

Polyurethane foams (or PUR foams) have become indispensable in today's industry. They are used, for example, when sealing car door locks, headlights or fuse boxes. The engineering and mechanical engineering company CeraCon is a specialist in sealing technology.

Control and conveying air in food processing

In order to meet the extremely high demands placed on compressed air in the food industry, Nölke in Versmold uses our METPOINT OCV to monitor its compressed air quality. At Nölke compressed air is used in the sausage production as control and conveying air.

Compressed air as transport and operating medium

At GF Automotive, sand is transported by means of conveying air. Moisture would cause clumping in the pipes. Also control valves are operated with compressed air as control air. A DRYPOINT RA refrigerant dryer from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES ensures their dry air.

Compressed air production in the corrugated board factory

The company Delkeskamp uses compressed air as control air to specifically shape corrugated card boards, but also as process air to blow moldings out of the machines. Therefore Absolute dryness is particularly important so that the cardboard does not soften due to moisture.

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