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Finest handcraft in Netphen

Genuine craftsmanship and competent engineering know-how - that's what you find when you visit the BEKO TECHNOLOGIES factory in Netphen and watch the creation of an EVERDRY adsorption dryer. You can literally smell the work going on there. Metal, fresh weld seams and the occasional screeching of a flex.

Walking through the production halls, it quickly becomes clear that the construction of an EVERDRY is precision work. Individual and handmade. For every single unit. Many of the factory employees have been manufacturing EVERDRY adsorption dryers for 10 years or more and have an in-depth knowledge that is indispensable for a successful production.

From A-Z, i.e. from the creation of the boilers, via welding and painting, to the final test run of the fully assembled EVERDRY units, they remain in the factory. An EVERDRY only leaves Netphen when absolutely everything is right. Many customers come to the factory for the final acceptance.

However, not only standard units are manufactured here.

For many customers, the compressed air station, and this often includes the compressed air treatment, is not housed in generously designed premises. Two magic words therefore apply to the design and manufacture of an EVERDRY unit: flexible and customer-oriented. If the specified height, width or depth of an EVERDRY adsorption dryer does not fit in the standard version, design alternatives are worked out until a solution is found. After all, compressed air requirements are individual and so is the corresponding compressed air treatment. Even environmental aspects are taken into account when designing the system. If, for example, cooling water or hot water from the customer's production can be used for the drying process of the EVERDRY, they are integrated into the function and additionally pay off in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

From the steel sheet to the finished system at one location. Not just for Germany, but on an international level – this is why the EVERDRY team is also familiar with designs and settings for tropical or particularly cold climates. It was and is not uncommon for commissioning in Asia or Africa to be accompanied by German colleagues, so that everything really fits. This results in new insights and new knowledge for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, and in valuable partnerships all over the world. Providing important feedback for further developments. No standstill. Instead a clear focus on current and future requirements. This is how it always has been and will be at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.