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Measuring technology for your compressed air quality and safety

Quality should not be left to chance, rather a result of controlled processes. When you know all the relevant influencing parameters for your compressed air, then you are able to completely control all your quality and energy management requirements. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES measuring technology provides you with all the instruments you need to access the data basis for monitoring and evaluating decisive parameters such as residual oil vapour content, volume flow, pressure, relative humidity and dew point.

We make hidden factors visible: the quality of your compressed air and your production efficient. You can therefore control your processes intelligently, sustainably secure your product quality and implement the best economic decisions at all times.

Visualising and data logging

One can measure quality – one just needs to record it. The data logger from the METPOINT BDL series translates process data into easily understandable statistics and graphics. You can comprehend the measured values simply and in real time and immediately implement the necessary measures as they are needed. Available from anywhere, at all times – due to complete network capability for worldwide and system overarching data transfer.


Sensor technology for precise measuring for all influencing variables

Residual moisture, pressure, volume flow, leaks: four key factors for more efficiency in your production processes. The sensor technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES enables you precisely record all the relevant parameters at the critical control points for the compressed air - your basis for energy and cost-saving decisions You can therefore prevent possible malfunctions, reduce the escape of expensive compressed air, clearly allocate costs to individual production processes and dimension and optimise the components of your production facilities for the best possible economical results.


Monitoring for precise quality assurance

METPOINT OCV continuously controls the flowing compressed air, up to the range of one thousandth of a mg/m³, for the residual oil content and thereby supports you for analysing and controlling compressed air quality. With the METPOINT MCA we offer a mobile unit for the measurement and monitoring of the quality of compressed air.


Applications with measurement technology


A great plus for process safety in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of compressed air plays a decisive role. Impurities or oil contaminations in medicaments through compressed air can quickly have fatal consequences. To improve the process safety in the production, the Pfizer production location in Freiburg, Germany, relies on continuous quality control of the compressed air by means of the METPOINT OCV residual- oil monitoring device by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.


Use Case: Compressed air in cleanroom technology

The customer distributes and installs cleanrooms and climate chambers. Such air-filtered rooms are required for special manufacturing processes in numerous industries, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnol-ogy or medical technology, microelectronics, the food industry, semiconductor production or aerospace.

Saubere Luft in der Nahrungsmittelverarbeitung

Monitoring compressed air in food processing

According to ISO 8573-1, compressed air of class 1 must not contain more than 0.01 mg/m³ of oil (liquid, aerosol or vapor). This is as little as 4% of the concentration found in normal ambient air! There are however processes, where even 0.01 mg is still too much. This is especially the case in food processing where certain applications demand that oil content in the compressed air is less than 0.003 mg/m³. There are however only a few companies that are able to monitor such low concentrations. One of them is Heinrich Nölke GmbH & Co. KG, a well-known producer of sausages.


Clean compressed air for laser beams

The research centre from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) and the Technical University Munich (TUM) investigates the potential of light for the early diagnosis and therapy of serious diseases such as cancer. Compressed air, and in particular its purity, plays an important role in the use of intense laser light. It is therefore crucial for the researchers that the compressed air quality is monitored at all times.

Compressed air in cleanroom technology

Compressed air is subject to special requirements in cleanrooms. Our customer meets these requirements with the compressed air data assistant METPOINT MEQ and our mobile measuring unit METPOINT MCA OPS