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Change now

More safety, less packaging waste!

Sustainability has been a major topic for years and is becoming increasingly important, not only in the course of environmental policy. At BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, we are working not only to develop sustainable and energy-efficient products for your use, but also to reduce our own consumption of energy and materials.

In the use of packaging material, we have now succeeded in taking a further step towards sustainability, which not only relieves the burden on the environment, but also offers better protection for sensitive electronic components and saves our customers disposal costs and effort.

"Plans to change something had been around for a long time, but the search for an alternative packaging solution turned out to be more difficult than expected," says Stefan Müther, Head of Department PKS at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. "The Corona-related shortage of materials and the associated price increases for plastic products then gave us a renewed push to look for alternatives."

Previously, the complex and large EVERDRY dryers were completely wrapped in thick, non-recyclable shrink film. The amount of work involved in packaging was very high in terms of time and manpower, and this packaging did not offer any special protection for sensitive appliance parts. After the time-consuming unpacking of the EVERDRY system, mountains of film piled up at the customer's premises and had to be disposed of.

After a thorough examination of possibilities and after discussions with various suppliers, a partner was found who could not only supply precisely fitting protective coverings for sensitive parts of the EVERDRY equipment, but who also worked with a special material. "This packaging is made of recycled plastic. This means that we do not consume valuable resources and do not create any new plastic waste. In addition, because it is made to measure, it offers significantly more security for sensitive appliance elements and saves us an enormous amount of shrink film and time," says Stefan Müther. "At the customer's, the now volume-reduced packaging material can be disposed of normally, because it is returned to the recycling cycle through the usual waste sorting and can thus be processed again and again into new products."

A round thing and a good feeling. Positive feedback from our customers shows that the changeover was a good decision. This motivates us to work on optimisations in further product areas and to push forward the development towards more sustainability.